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Upcoming Events

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 14th, 6:00 p.m. at the Riverfront Rock Gym.


  1. Self-Rescue Clinic: rappelling with an injured partner - taught by Nick Pope. (see gear list below)
  2. Directions from Mark Shipman as to what we need to do for the Saddlerock Brewery fund raiser. Mark will bring beer for after the clinic.
  3. Debrief the Indian Pass “Spot” scenario.
  4. Discussion and pointers on technical aspects of using the Garmin InReach Explorer to supplement radio comms.
  5. Other
Nick Pope requests that those taking part in the clinic bring helmet, harness, belay/rappel device, 3-4 x lockers, 2-3 x non-lockers, 1 x prusik loop, 1 x 60cm sling, 1-2 x 120cm sling, 1 x cordelette.
Additionally, those participating in the clinic will need to complete the online waiver for RRG. Find it here:




HARRT Training Dates


Nov 28th – Gear Inspection / Sort


Please remember that CCMRA volunteers are welcome to participate with HARRT when they train.  Please contact Jason Reinfeld at jason.reinfeld@CO.CHELAN.WA.US for questions about HARRT.

OUR NEXT MEETING: March; Details forthcoming.

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